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Brain Doc On Demand


The professional bio

I'm a clinical neuropsychologist, researcher, and educator. I completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Southern Methodist University, an internship in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology at QLI - a premier post acute neurorehab facility, and a two-year fellowship in clinical neuropsychology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

My clinical experience includes a variety of settings including large healthcare systems, outpatient clinics, academic medical centers, a post-acute neurorehab facility, a pediatric concussion clinic, and a clinical research center, and has involved conducting neuropsychological evaluations, engaging in cognitive and neurorehabilitation therapies, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, as well as educating fellow medical providers and trainees. I have taught psychology at the high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level. My research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and presented at various national and international conferences. I remain an active member of professional neuropsychological societies.


The real life bio

I'm a wife, mama to a spunky little toddler and a not-so-mini mini-goldendoodle who thinks he's human, and raving fan of all things creative. I spend my time hanging out with my family and blogging about life, joy, and all of the things on my personal blog.

I also happen to be a brain doc and a once-certified high school social sciences teacher - it's quite a combo, I know. 

As much as I enjoy providing clinical care, writing, and engaging in research, I am most passionate about  translating psychology and neuroscience into bite-sized pieces, teaching individuals what they can do to live the life they dream of. My quest is to equip y'all with the information you need to help you better understand conditions affecting the brain, as well as science-based tools to keep your brain and mind as healthy as can be so you can do more of what you enjoy and find meaningful.

The Story of Brain Doc On Demand  

My sweet little newborn would not sleep.

I Googled like crazy, bought 500-page books on baby sleep (which I still haven't read), and tried whatever my friends told me worked for their kiddos - rocking, swaying, dancing in circles, and all of the things...

Finally, a friend told me about an online course - a resource that would synthesize what all the books, research studies, and reputable websites said about evidence-based ways to promote healthy sleep for my baby (and me). 

I bought it instantly - and it worked.

I watched it on my phone from the comfort of my sofa during the wee hours of the morning, learning in 90 minutes what would have taken me years of researching and reading (and not sleeping) to figure out.

I was instantly sold on online courses, and over time began thinking of what I would share about brain health, wellbeing, and neuroscience if I were to make my own. 

So, during my little one's nap times, I took courses on online courses (literally). I wrote a script, learned how to produce and edit video, and played around with graphic design. Over time, that vision and those skills gained during well-spent nap times developed into Brain Doc On Demand.

My hope is to make neuroscience and psychology approachable, accessible, and helpful - equipping you to elevate your life using psychology and neuroscience, and to better understand neurological processes and conditions.

So, click around, learn a few things, and - most importantly - enjoy your time! 

Stay active & keep learning!

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