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Want more joy, less stress, and a healthier brain?

Psychology + neuroscience can help.


Your actions matter. Research shows us that healthy habits and shifts in mindset can impact our wellbeing - including sleep, stress, focus, productivity, health, and mood.

The problem? These tools are often buried in academic and medical journals, taught primarily in clinic settings instead of the real world, with little focus on how to realistically use them in your busy life.

That's where Brain Doc On Demand comes in. 

Created by an expert in psychology + neuroscience who is also an experienced educator and a published writer, Brain Doc On Demand equips you with simple actionable insights to level up your wellbeing. 

Start small. Start here. Start now.




Courses designed to improve your understanding of your mind and brain - integrating concepts from neuroscience, neuropsychology, and clinical psychology, all with a focus on promoting brain health and wellbeing. 

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Check out the Brainy Day blog for insights on neuroscience, brain health, memory quirks, joy, mindfulness, and wellbeing.

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What can you expect from Brain Doc On Demand content?

Brain Doc On Demand is all about equipping you with strategies and tools you can incorporate into your busy life


Our approach:
  • Convenient on-demand resources¬†available whenever and wherever you would like¬†- whether over your lunch break, during the baby's nap, or while waiting for a meeting to start
  • Easy to understand information¬†so you get the highlights without getting weighed down by too much detail - no jargon allowed!¬† ¬†¬†¬†
  • A focus on¬†equipping¬†YOU to make positive change by focusing on¬†not only¬†what¬†you can do, but also¬†how¬†to incorporate the strategies into your busy life

Rooted in science and best practices

No need to go down Google rabbit holes or listen to 3-hour podcasts - we've reviewed the research so you don't have to. Get straight to the take-home message and get busy implementing the strategies to maximize their impact.

Engaging, relatable, and easy to understand content

Our resources are developed by someone like you - a busy working parent who likes to be efficient, preferring short articles, brief videos, and resources that are available right when she wants them.

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